"Kapehan" - just a local dialect used to describe drinking coffee and "sa buntag" means early in the morning.. How relaxing it is to start the new day with coffee.. warming up the body, alerting the mind.. whew!

Let's Coffee and Talk

Expresso yourself..

Better latte than never..

Take life one cup at a time..

Many blends, so little time..

About the author 
Kapehan Sa Buntag Author -Moldeux- 
Hardcore techy but sometimes I felt already feed-up with thousand lines of codes..every waking day.. even on lucid nightly dreams.
I like to read (but not really those lengthy articles or books, it makes me sick like reading codes, ha!).  There are good reads which fun to read again and again.. thus.. this site.. as my notes. It's fun.. it's relaxing.. what more?.. you're sharing it to the world.. maybe.. just maybe.. it's like watching a moon, somebody else starring at it from the other side.  ^_^

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